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Tax Reduction

It’s Okay to Pay Tax…Just No More Than You Need to

<span>Do you have a proactive tax reduction plan? </span>

Do you have a proactive tax reduction plan?

When most people think about tax planning, they think about what they can do this year…but in reality we see it as a LONG GAME…Taxes are one of the biggest expenses of your lifetime.

Questions like these come to mind as we’re planning the next 10-30 years of your taxes.  

  • Where are future tax rates headed?
  • What will your income look like when you retire?
  • Am I paying too much in taxes today?
  • When will we use certain investments over others?
  • How are my investments positioned as it relates to my retirement income & future taxes?

Holistic & Comprehensive

The good news is your income plan and investment plan can work hand in hand with your tax plan to lower the amount of taxes you will pay in the future.  We incorporate proactive tax planning into all aspects of our services.  We can also coordinate tax return preparation and filing services through Freedom Tax, a separate company owned by Freedom Financial.  

Based on this strategic alliance, our CPAs will carefully craft a sound, dependable recommendation to minimize tax liabilities from year to year.  A good tax planning team can help monitor tax law changes, provide sound and dependable tax strategy recommendations, and help position assets to enhance tax free efficiency throughout your retirement.  Below are examples of services we offer:

  • CPA-prepared Roth conversion analysis
  • CPA-prepared second opinion prior year individual and business tax return reviews
  • CPA-prepared year-end tax filing services
  • 1040 tax optimization reports
  • Personalized tax reduction reports

<span>Tax Smart 4 Life&#8482;</span>

Tax Smart 4 Life™

Watch the video on tax diversification and learn how you can become more tax aware.

Explore the calculator to learn what percentage of your retirement money hasn’t been taxed yet.

To get started determining whether you can "Divorce" yourself from the IRS in your investment accounts.  Request the essential reports you need for a financially secure retirement.

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