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Retirement Income Planning

Where are you on the mountain?

Climbing to the summit of a 14,000 foot mountain is considered by many here in Colorado to be one of life's special achievements. However, reaching the top is only half the objective. Considering 80% of climbing accidents occur on the way down - the descent, it is this second half of the journey that presents the greatest risks and challenges for the climber. The same challenges hold true for aspiring retirees as they transition from climbing up the mountain (Accumulation Phase) to climbing down the mountain (Distribution or Decumulation Phase).

Distribution: The Second Phase of Retirement Planning

In a strange twist of fate, the day you retire and start taking Distributions from your retirement accounts you will face new, unique and potentially devastating risks that were of little importance to you during your working years. These new risks include: market volatility and bad timing, something known as sequence of returns risk, inflation, longevity (outliving your money), rising taxes, long term care and geopolitical risks. Just like the experienced climber descending the mountain, those approaching retirement must acknowledge & understand these new risks with a well designed plan that addresses each risk with the right tools to safely & successfully complete their retirement journey.  To help our clients navigate these risks, we developed REVENUE SOURCING.  

At the present time there is no better model to preserve and protect your retirement from the ravages of deflation and inflation. REVENUE SOURCING is the retirement strategy for a New Generation of Americans designed to achieve a comfortable, stress free retirement no matter what direction the stock market, inflation or interest rates are headed.  

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How much income will I need and where will it come from?

Income planning for retirement can be a daunting task for many retirees because there is a lot to learn.  We are here to help you navigate the process and uncover opportunities that are unique to each income planning phase.

Additionally, we will help you get answers to important questions you may have such as: 

  • Will I have enough to do the things most important to me?
  • How much income will I need in retirement?
  • What is my “income gap” (the amount of expenses not covered by Social Security and pensions that will need to come from investments)
  • How do I maximize my Social Security and pension?
  • Where do we put our money so it lasts as long as we are living?
  • If something happens to me, will my plan continue to work for my family?
Smart Retirement™

Smart Retirement™

This site will help you understand the challenges associated with retirement income planning.

Watch the video to learn how retirement planning is similar to climbing a mountain.

Explore the calculator to learn what percentage of your retirement money hasn’t been taxed yet.

To get started on a Revenue Sourcing plan request "The Essential Reports You Need for a Financially Secure Retirement!"

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