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Protecting Retirement Income

Avoid the Stress of Market Losses

  • Avoid the stress of market volatility and bad timing with Revenue Sourcing
  • Lucky or unlucky timing can play a role in how much retirement income an investor is able to generate over his or her retirement.

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Keep up With Inflation

Most pre-retirees and their advisors plan for an inflation rate of 2-3%. If price increases continue on their current path, 3% simply won't be enough.

Protect Against Higher Taxes

  • The National Debt is at $31.5 Trillion and Growing...
  • Today's Top Marginal Tax Rate is 37%, Historically its 59%…
  • Traditional 401(k) and IRA accounts could be a ticking tax time bomb…

3 Ways To Save For Retirement


Stock, ETF's, Mutual Funds, Bonds, CD’s, Managed Accounts

Taxed Now

Tax Deferred

401(k), IRA, 403b, Annuities

Taxed Later

Tax Free

Roth IRA, Roth Conversions,
Cash Value Life Insurance

Never Taxed

How Much Money Would You Like In Your Tax Free Bucket?

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