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Holistic & Proactive


When it comes to holistic planning, there are 5 mini-plans in every BIG PLAN

  1. The Income Plan:
    Our goal is to make sure your expenses can be paid for the rest or your life. We will help you develop an income plan that alleviates the stress and fear of running out of money.
  2. The Investment Plan:
    We will create an investment plan for your assets and evaluate ways to reduce risk while still working toward your goals.
  3. The Tax Plan:
    A holistic retirement plan includes a strategy for decreasing tax liabilities. We will help you strategize how to best position your money to reduce your tax burden.
  4. The Healthcare Plan:
    We will create a plan to help you address rising healthcare costs and unexpected health risks in retirement.
  5. The Legacy/Estate Plan:
    It is important to ensure your assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner. We will collaborate with a qualified Estate Planning Attorney to ensure your assets are protected.

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