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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most financial advisors look only at their clients situation & investments and work off that.  My team looks at the bigger picture:

    - The macroeconomic level of what’s happening in the markets overall.  

    - What economic trends are coming and will impact the client.

    - What’s happening politically & from a tax policy perspective

    - We also look at your personal risk tolerance and risk capacity to create a plan that fits your personal comfort level as it relates to the risk imbedded within your investment portfolio.

    - We help you create a stable, consistent ongoing income stream (not tied to market volatility) that will cover your essential living expenses to ensure you continue living the lifestyle you’re accustomed to living.

    - Through this lens, our advice is much more holistic and proactive as we  prepare for the markets and tax policies to come.  All this empowers you to build true wealth that is controllable.  The Philosphy that drives our decision making is 1)Eliminate Losses 2) Protect & Grow Assets 3) Reduce Taxes.

    Our work doesn’t stop after you decide to become a client.  We provide ongoing planning & support for our clients as circumstances change throughout their retirement journey.  This is achieved through our Retirement Planning Meetings (RPMs).  Each year we will schedule spring and fall RPMs.  At the spring and fall meetings we provide a portfolio update, and discuss any personal changes to your lifestyle or goals.  At this meeting we will also identify & discuss evolving topics pertinent to your long term financial success.  If these topics are outside of our expertise, we will arrange for one of our local or national experts to join our conversations as a member of the Freedom Financial team proactively leads & facilitates the process on your behalf.

    We are also passionate about ongoing education..We believe in educating clients so they can become smarter, more empowered investors and stewards of their retirement experience.  Our clients have access to exclusive webinar trainings, blogs, and articles designed to help them make the most out of all aspect of the retirement journey.  We also produce a monthly newsletter & weekly podcast full of financial tips and education.  

    Industry leading technology…We utilize industry leading technology to equip our clients for more success.  We are committed to making these tools simple and convenient to use.  Generational Vault is our secure, online portal designed to simplify, manage & store all aspects of your financial life in one easy location 24/7.

  • Most people do not realize that there is a rule within the financial services industry that holds many advisors “Captive” to the companies they work for (Banks, Brokerages, Insurance Companies).  Captive in this context refers to an inability to operate freely on the customers behalf.  This means if you are a client of a large brokerage house or captive bank or insurer, your advisor is not able to use strategies outside of the employers pre-approved packages even if there are better alternatives based on your unique situation and needs.

    Thankfully, as an independent financial planner, we are not subject to this rule and have the freedom to represent hundreds of companies with many different strategies to build truly custom solutions for our clients.  There is nothing cookie-cutter about our service and we are free from both public shareholder demands and corporate guidelines that drive corporate profit often at the clients expense.  As a result, we leverage the open market for our clients’ best interest all of which allows us the freedom to put you first!

  • For a listing of services offered by Freedom Financial, please go to the Areas of Focus Section of our website.

  • Revenue Sourcing is a retirement planning strategy developed for today’s unique economic environment.

    • The Revenue Sourcing system uses a two bucket approach consisting of a "Stable Assets Bucket" used to identify & lock in future retirement revenues & an "Inflationary Asset Bucket" used to protect those revenues from future inflation & its erosion of purchasing power over time.
    • Traditional Wall Street advice uses a one bucket, buy & hold approach comprised of Stocks, Bonds, ETFs & Mutual Funds which hurt retirees during the deflationary periods of economic cycles like we experienced when stocks declined from 2000-2012, and are experiencing again in 2022-2023.

    At the present time there is no better model to preserve and protect your retirement from the ravages of deflation and inflation.  Revenue Sourcing is the retirement strategy designed to achieve a comfortable, stress free retirement no matter what direction the stock market, inflation or interest rates are headed.

  • If you can build a Revenue Sourcing Map that will give you a successful income model, it would be wise to do so as soon as possible.

  • We have not seen market conditions like we are experiencing currently ever before.  Worldwide debt has grown from $100 Trillion at the time of the Great Financial Crisis in 2008 to over $300 Trillion today.  This level of debt is unsustainable and high debt levels was one of the primary reason for the decline in stocks and asset prices during the Great Depression.  After the crash of 1929, it took until 1954 for the market to “come back”.  If you can successfully Revenue Source presently, it could lock in a successful retirement for you.

  • Step 1

    Identify the level of retirement income needed or desired.

    Step 2

    Identify when the income will be needed.

    Step 3

    Build the Revenue Sourcing Maps
    Include: Social Security income, pension income, earned income, business income, and income from investments.

    Step 4

    Once the Revenue Sourcing Map is built, adjust allocations & do long term tax management.

  • Essential Reports are important tools that we use to begin the Revenue Sourcing retirement income planning process.  The Essential Reports are made up of four core reports (Social Security Maximization Analysis, Fee & Drawdown Analysis, Revenue Sourcing Income Map, Revenue Sourcing Asset Allocation Map) & one special report for Tax Planning purposes (IRA/401(k) Tax Analysis Report).  

    To complete the Essential Reports we need to receive some basic information from you.  None of the information we require is confidential information and you should never provide that information to anyone.  These free Essential Reports are something every retiree should be using when planning for a comfortable, stress free retirement.

    • Closing in on retirement or already retired…We find that working with people who are retired or within 10 years or less of retiring allows us to proactively use our expertise to best suit the needs of our clients.

    • Savers…while most of our clients wouldn’t consider themselves “rich”, thanks to a lifetime of diligent saving, they have accumulated a retirement nest egg of at least $300,000.

    • Nice People…This sound cliche, but we will only work with genuinely nice people with whom we share mutual respect and values.

    • Looking to create a plan with a certified retirement income planner (RICP)…Our clients realize that the success of their retirement is too important to be treated as a do it yourself project.  They understand and desire the value of targeted, proactive and well thought out guidance grounded in math & science.
  • Thanks to modern technology, it is generally not essential to have in-person meetings. Frequently, work may be accomplished for distance assignments using video conferences, online data collection and other tools. There are certain meetings during the Revenue Sourcing planning process that are more conducive to in-person at our office or your home, however the choice of how we meet is really determined by a client’s personal preference and comfort level.  Even for those who live and/or work in the Denver metro area or other nearby areas, at times it has been a major convenience to use these tools due to busy work/family schedules, commuting demands, etc.